Parent FAQs

Parent FAQ’s 

Is the office open?

  • No. The physical office is currently closed. If you need to pick up something from the school please email your teacher and we will coordinate a pick up time. 

Are phones being answered?

  • Yes. Phones are being answered 8am-3pm Monday-Thursday. 

What do I do if I have technology-related questions during a Distance Learning day?

How will attendance be taken?

  • Secondary teachers are requesting that scholars participate in a daily check-in on Google classroom in all courses. 
  • Elementary teachers are requesting that parents fill out a reflection log that will be sent by the classroom teacher. 

Will assignments be collected?

  • Please submit assignments per your teachers instructions. 

Will graded assignments appear in Aeries?

  • No, Teachers will be measuring scholar progress towards standards in all subject areas via google classroom or other means depending on teachers. Secondary scholars will be receiving credit for assignments completed. 

What happens if my child needs help with an assignment?

When will Distance Learning assignments get posted?

  • Secondary course assignments are posted by 8am everyday according to our A/B schedule. Scholars may complete assignments in any order at any time during the day. However, live meetings with teachers are scheduled at specific times. Please consult the syllabus sent out on parent square.
  • A week at a glance will be provided for elementary scholars by teachers. Videos and other supplementary materials will be posted via parent square or google classroom (depending on teacher) by 8am each day. 

What if we don’t have Internet access at our home? 

  • Xfinity/Comcast will provide free 60 days of internet for low income students. Here is the number that you can contact: 1-800-934-6489
    • Please email your teacher if internet access is not available and they will assist you with additional options if possible.

What if I’m not able to complete Distance Learning assignments on time?

  • Secondary scholars please communicate with your teachers any extenuating circumstances for flexible deadlines.
  • Elementary scholars, there are no official deadlines, however we strongly encourage you to follow the week at a glance provided by your teacher. 

Can I apply for an Independent Study?

  • No independent studies will be granted during distance learning. 

Will parent teacher conferences still be held?

  • Yes. Teachers will be reaching out to you if a conference is needed. 

Is school counseling still provided?

  • Yes, school counseling is still provided by Mrs. James through telephone or zoom meetings. Please find out more and fill out a request.

What events have been cancelled?

  • All school related events through spring break have been cancelled.