Fall 2020 Re-open Plan

Dear John Adams Academy Families

Yesterday, the John Adams Academy Board of Directors met and discussed staff recommendations for re-opening this fall.  We appreciate all of you that were able to attend the board meeting.  It was one of our most well attended board meetings. 

The board of directors has approved the proposal to provide a 5-day in-classroom model with a  distance learning option that families can opt in to.  Details of this model as approved by the board are as follows and further described in the attachment:

  • In-class learning— 5 days/ week.
  • Shortened in-class school day
    • Current proposal: release time at about 12:30 or 12:50pm (depending on site).
  • 5-day week distance learning model option
  • Same John Adams Academy curriculum for each model
  • Revised school calendar with a later start date.

This next school year we may receive on-again and off-again mandates from the state that may impact in person attendance.  As a result, the model we are building will allow for flexibility to transition from the classroom to the distance learning program without loss of continuity with the teacher, the curriculum, or the class.  Please see the attachments for further details.

During the board meeting, there were many helpful questions asked.  A recording to the staff presentation and questions on the reentry plan will be available on campus websites by the end of today.  We will provide further answers to frequently asked questions in the very near future as we roll out further details regarding our fall programing and how to opt-into the distance learning program if you so choose.

Also, attached is the revised school calendar showing the new start dates. 

The board did not make a decision regarding closing campuses for this fall.  The board and leadership desires to return to normalcy as much and as soon as possible. 

The later start date of August 17/19th will allow the board and staff additional time to review and respond to direction from the Governor, the department of education, and the department of health.  In fact, Governor Newsom is expected to speak on school health and safety today at his news conference.  Early next week, academy leadership will meet with site administration to review the guidance provided by local and state officials. We will also continue to communicate with you as we learn additional information.

We are so very excited to return to school with you all this fall. 

Kindest Regards,

Joseph Benson
Executive Director