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Annual PSO Fundraiser

2019 Read-A-Thon


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                     Believe In The Impossible!

John Adams Academy

El Dorado Hills


Dear JAA Families, 

We are excited to kick off our 2nd Annual PSO Fundraiser for our school! For our “Believe in the Impossible” Read-A-Thon, scholars will set a reading goal and recruit sponsors for donations. This is our big PSO fundraiser and our goal is to raise $50,000 to go toward helping our school! Our PSO funds go towards activities, assemblies, and other needs related to a scholar’s experience at the school such as: curriculum supplementation, a daddy daughter dance, a mother son activity, visual and performing arts, campus & yard equipment and so much more! Making improvements to our outdoor campus is costly, we are still holding onto a large portion of last year’s donations to add to what we raise this year.

Scholars are encouraged to “Believe in the Impossible!” with their reading goals and sponsorship requests. Scholars will have opportunities to earn fun prizes based on their fundraising efforts! The Read-A-Thon will also help scholars learn about setting goals and making time for reading. It’s also a great opportunity to build community and get the word out about our amazing school! 

Phase 1: Sponsorship Weeks (September 20 – Oct 3)

We will kick-off the fundraising event at our KickOff Assembly today, Friday, September 20. This is when we get into high gear to get as many sponsors as possible between September 20 and Oct 3. Sponsors can be your friends, family, neighbors – just about anyone! The aim is to get as many sponsors as possible. Readers can also seek sponsorships from local businesses. Each scholar will set a goal for how much he/she wants to read (or be read to) during the two-week Read-A-Thon. 

Suggested Reading Goals: 

  • TK-1st grade: at least 280 minutes (20 min/day for 14 days) at home

  • 2nd-8th grade: at least 420 minutes (30 min/day for 14 days) at home

IMPORTANT: Sponsors donate a flat amount based on the goal the reader has set. 

The suggested fundraising goal per scholar is $75, but any amount raised is appreciated!

Donations must be collected upfront BEFORE the Read-A-Thon (Phase 2) begins. Sponsor Donation Log and money donations are due in class or to the office by Friday, Oct. 4.

Donations may be made in the form of cash, check (payable to JAA-EDH), or online. Online Donation Instructions: Visit the direct link @ You may also visit JAA’s website @🡪Top Menu: Support JAA🡪PSO Annual Fundraiser for donations as well the PSO Annual Fundraiser section for more information and additional forms, 🡪Top Menu: Parents🡪PSO🡪 PSO Annual Fundraiser OR visit ParentSquare under “Files” 

DO NOT USE the yellow DONATE NOW button on the school home page!


During the Sponsorship Weeks, readers earn one “Star Buck” for each sponsor on their Sponsor Donation Log and will have the opportunity to spend them on prizes at school on Tuesday, Sept. 24, Friday, Sept. 27, Tuesday, Oct 1 & Friday, Oct 4.  Please sign the back of each “Star Buck” your scholar earned and send them with your scholar school on these days. Please ONLY return signed Star Bucks filled out with scholar’s name, teacher, and you need to be very specific what the scholar has earned so we can fill the prize orders. We will not be able to go into the classrooms this year, we will pick up Starbucks from the teachers.

**One sheet of “Star Bucks” is included in this packet. Please print out additional copies as needed (see link below). 

Bigger rewards for total sponsors, money raised, and most reading minutes will be awarded at the end of the event…these include awesome prizes such as, iFly Certificate for Friends & Family-10 Flights ($300 value), BusyKidz Basic Party Package ($175 value), restaurant gift cards Seq Quest passes, Sky High passes, Fire Tablets, Artwork, Folsom Theater tickets, Aerospace Museum passes, Face In A Book gift bag, Amazon/Visa gift cards, movie tickets, and MORE including class parties from Chick-fil-A and Round Table Pizza! 

**In addition to earning prizes, readers will also be able to check the school’s progress from the Mary Poppins Carpet Bag! There will also be fun events throughout the entire Read-a-thon to motivate readers to get out there, raise money for our school and READ! We encourage parents to visit classrooms with stories and even dress the part! We have guest authors visiting and our Secondary scholars will also be visiting the Elementary scholars to read and work on fun activities together. 

Phase 2: Read-A-Thon Weeks (Oct 4-Oct. 17)

**During the two week Read-A-Thon (Oct.4-17), readers will READ & record the number of reading minutes. You may use the “Star Chart” provided. Each star represents 20 minutes of reading. Scholars may color in the stars and we recommend you initial each star. Additional “Star Charts” may be printed at home (see link below under “Forms”). 

Total minutes are due ONLINE on Friday, Oct. 18!!!

**There will be more opportunities to earn fun prizes during Phase 2 including parties for classes with the most hours of reading! More information about the reading portion of our event will be provided as we get closer to the first day of reading, Friday, October 4. 

Phase 2 of the Read-A-Thon will officially begin on Friday, October 4 and end on Thursday, October 17. Please do not count minutes read after October 17. Scholars will be sent home with more information on Oct 4 about what will go on during the Read-A-Thon, including a Star Chart, Reading Star Bucks, and Bookmarks.

We will Celebrate the conclusion of our Read-a-thon on Friday, October 18! We have a guest author and activities planned. Please reach out if you are able to volunteer, we need help to make this happen!

“ A cover is not the book so open it up and take a look”

Believe In The Impossible & Let’s Achieve Our Goals!

THANK YOU for your help in supporting our wonderful school!

**Additional copies may be printed out as needed. These forms are available on ParentSquare under “Files” and at the PSO website. Go to 🡪Top Menu: Parents🡪PSO🡪Annual PSO Fundraiser.