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Mrs. Marziale's 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade!
This year will be my first year at John Adams Academy and I am thrilled to be your 4th grade teacher! I have been busy setting up our classroom and planning the first week's lessons so that we can start building relationships together! We will be learning about the 10 Core Values at JAA and why they are important for us to practice each day at school as well as in our time away from school. YOU are important to me and I am excited to make 4th grade FUN!
Together, my husband and I have three children that also attend JAA. We also have a new addition to our family as of this summer. Her name is Liberty (aka Libby) and she is a Goldendoodle puppy. She loves to chew our shoes and nip at our heels and toes! Hopefully, she will soon grow out of that painful habit! As a family, we love to visit places such as Lake Tahoe, Santa Cruz and Monterey.This summer we spent a few days in San Diego playing in the waves. The beach is the perfect place to relax AND have fun all at the same time!
I am really looking forward to starting our year at JAA together. We have so much learning, laughing and growing to do!
-Mrs. Marziale
(pronounced mar-zee-elle)