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Counseling Program

The John Adams Academy counseling program strives to provide all scholars with the academic, social/emotional and college/career skills to be successful servant leaders. This is achieved primarily through groups, presentations and collaboration with teachers, parents and scholars. The counseling team also provides community referrals, crisis intervention and individual sessions as needed. Please complete a Counselor Request form if you would like to be contacted by Mrs. James.
Mrs. James is on campus Monday, Thursday and Friday. The best way to get in touch is through email or by filling out a Counselor Request form.
Phone: (916) 260-4823
Updates & Events
PSAT 8/9 Scores
Online scores are available now and paper score reports are being mailed home with scholar report cards!
For more information about PSAT 8/9 scores, please visit the College & Career Readiness page.
Update: Suicide Prevention Lessons
To proactively address the issue of suicide among adolescents, 7th-9th grade scholars participated in discussions about suicide prevention at school. 
During the lessons scholars were encouraged to reach out to an adult they trust if they have a concern for themselves or a friend. If your scholar brings a concern to you, please take it seriously and reach out for help. There are resources on the Social & Emotional counseling page. Please reach out to Mrs. James for additional resources and support.
  • This lesson is in compliance with California Education Code section 215 Assembly Bill 2246, which mandates that scholars be taught suicide and depression awareness.
  • A link to the lesson slides may be found on the Social & Emotional Learning page.
Please email Mrs. James with any questions.