School Meal Program » Pre-Ordering (Deadline: Monday Week Prior)

Pre-Ordering (Deadline: Monday Week Prior)

The pre-order link will be sent out weekly and can be found on ParentSquare in the
Pre-orders are due by Monday at 9am for the following week. 
Pre-orders are not linked to your Titan account.  Please visit ParentSquare for the pre-order link and communicate to your child if you have pre-ordered for them or not. We will always error on the side of feeding your child but you may incur a balance for the meal based on eligibility of paid or reduced meal benefits. 
The best way to keep track of what you have pre-ordered is to take a screen shot or to print the online pre-order form before clicking the submit button.  
After clicking the SUBMIT button, the next screen will confirm that your pre-order was recorded.  If you do not receive this confirmation, please submit your pre-order again. 

Please take note of the dates you are ordering for.  Parents are responsible for keeping track of their meal orders.