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Dress Code


The John Adams Academy Uniform and Dress Code is an integral part of our Culture of Greatness. Based on the principles of modesty, cleanliness and professionalism, it is designed to elevate and add prestige to our scholars. As scholars dress each morning, their uniform should be a reminder that they are a part of John Adams Academy, that they are taking on the distinctive role of scholar, and are preparing to become servant leaders. Scholars are accountable for maintaining proper dress and grooming standards at all times. Please see the DENNIS website for examples of appropriate dress.


On Campus

While on campus, the dress code/uniform policy applies.


Off Campus

When away from the Academy campus on Academy activities, John Adams Academy Scholars are expected to wear the approved uniform, unless specific permission has been granted.


Spirit Days

Throughout the year, on designated Spirit Days, scholars will be allowed to dress according to instructions given for the day. Scholars will be expected to dress in acceptable and modest attire conducive to learning and maintaining a respectful school culture. Scholars who do not adhere to the given instructions may lose Spirit Day privileges in the future.


Examples of inappropriate dress include, but are not limited to: visible underwear, boxers, thongs or bra straps; exposed midriff or cleavage, strapless tops or tank tops; pajamas; pointed metal, lengthy chains, sharp or studded jewelry; and lettering, aside from John Adams Academy logo; or bare socks or feet. Swimming trunks and bathing suits, when appropriate for the event, will be modest, fit properly and cover the midriff for female scholars.


If standards of dress are not followed during week-long spirit days, a scholar will not be able to participate the remainder of the week.


Academy-Sponsored Dances

While the uniform is not required, scholars are expected to adhere to the same minimum standards as the daily uniform. Modesty will be expected: no bare skin or midriff, no low-cut or revealing clothing, and shorts will not be allowed. Dresses must have a minimum two (2) inch-wide strap and dresses and skirts must touch the knee.



Dress code violations will be addressed by staff and/or administration. Parents will be contacted to bring in proper uniform clothing if the dress code violation cannot be resolved on campus. Any further dress code issues will be brought up on an individual basis, keeping in mind the goal of creating an environment of learning.


P.E./Physical Fitness Uniform (7th-12th grade):

Dressing down for PE is an option for secondary scholars. If a scholar chooses to exercise this option, families must purchase P.E. uniforms through a Board approved vendor.


P.E. shoes should be an athletic shoe with support. Non-black athletic shoes are only acceptable during P.E. or physical mentor courses. Black-soled shoes are not allowed in the MPR.


Official Uniform:



Must be approved John Adams Academy logo polo or blouse purchased from a Board approved vendor. Shirts must fit properly so they are not too tight, revealing or baggy.



Beginning fall 2019: pants must be approved John Adams Academy pants purchased from a Board approved vendor.


2018-19: solid navy or khaki uniform style pants must be plain with no ornamentation or designs. Must be in good repair and fit appropriately (i.e., no baggy, oversized, or tight fitting pants). Capri-length, or cargos with pockets, sweatpants, jeans/denim, corduroy, Lycra/Spandex are not permitted. Belts, if worn, must be black.



Beginning fall 2019: skirts must be approved John Adams Academy skirts purchased from a Board approved vendor.


2018-19: Solid navy or khaki uniform style skirts, plain without any ornamentation, designs or cargo pockets or DENNIS HAMILTON plaid skirt. Must be long enough to reach the knee. Bohemian-style or maxi skirts are not permitted.


Must be in good repair and appropriately fitting, i.e. not baggy or tight fitting. Only logo embroidered, DENNIS purchased dresses allowed for TK-2nd grade scholars. Only HAMILTON plaid jumpers allowed for TK-3rd grade scholars.

TK-2nd Girls: DENNIS dresses only

TK-3rd Girls: DENNIS HAMILTON jumpers only



Solid red, white, navy or black in good repair, without designs or ornamentation and may only be worn under uniform skirts. Leggings may not be worn as pants.



Beginning fall 2019: shorts must be approved John Adams Academy shorts purchased from a Board approved vendor.


2018-19: Solid navy or khaki knee-length uniform shorts. (no cargos)


TK-6th Boys and Girls: Only

7th-12th Boys and Girls: Not permitted



Plain, solid black athletic or dress shoes. Closed or open toed sandals with back support are allowed as weather permits. Conservative colored mid-sole (grey, brown, or white) No patterns, neon colors, jewels/embellishment, lights or white toes (Converse-style). Shoelaces must be black and tied on the feet at all times. No boots, slippers, clogs, Heelys, cowboy boots or any other inappropriate shoe. (Rain boots may be worn outside during rainy weather, but must be removed prior to entering the classroom.)



Solid red, white, navy or black in good repair, without designs or ornamentation. (Also applies to tights and leggings.)


Outerwear (Applies to jackets, sweaters, vests, sweatshirts, hats, etc.)


Note: Outerwear should only be worn when necessary and is not considered part of the uniform. Only outerwear purchased from a Board approved vendor with the JAA logo may be worn inside the building or during class when necessary.


Outside of the building/classroom it is strongly encouraged that scholars wear approved John Adams Academy outerwear purchased through a Board approved vendorOtherwise, scholars must use the following guidelines:


  • Must be solid color, in uniform colors of polo red, white, polo navy, or black.
  • No pictures, logos, lettering, or designs (except for JAA logo). 
  • Must be worn properly, not inside out. 
  • Beanies must be solid red, navy, black, or white and are allowed only outside and must be without pictures, logos, lettering, or designs except for JAA logo.  Beanies, hats and hoods are not to be worn indoors.



Must be conservative, no unnatural colors or patterns (dyed hair tips, streaks), spikes, or drastic cuts, including, but not limited to mohawks. Hairstyles should not cover the eyes or face. Conservative hair accessories are allowed in red, white and navy. Boys’ hair should be clean, not over ears, neat above the collar and the ears with side burns no longer than the ear lobe.



No multiple piercings or body piercings, extreme or excessive jewelry, spiked jewelry or chains. Hats, hoods or sunglasses are not to be worn inside at any time.

Boys: Must be clean-shaven (no facial hair) without piercings.

Girls: One pair of conservative earrings allowed. Make-up must be conservative.


Board Approved 20180614