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Welcome!  I am the 7th/8th grade math teacher for John Adams Academy of El Dorado Hills.  I look forward to inspiring your scholars to be virtuous servant leaders and mathematicians.
Originally, I'm from Sacramento and graduated from Encina High School.  I'm a mechanical engineer from U.C. Berkeley.  After years of working as a semiconductor wafer reactor mechanical engineer at Applied Materials in Santa Clara, I moved to raise my family in North County San Diego and became an entrepreneur.  I was voted "One of the Best in San Diego County" for landscape design, as well as designed a kayak accessory for patenting and owned a women's gym.
After an epiphany, I realized that I always wanted to teach math and inspire more Americans to become engineers.  So, I returned to my home town of Sacramento and became a secondary math teacher during the main school year and teach robotics to 4th and 5th grade prodigies at Sacramento State University's Academic Talent Search in the summers.